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I only had 23 critiques turned in - but here's the compilation of what we received!  Would love to have more!!!!                 2017-18 Totals

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Upcoming Travels

George & I love to travel, both in our RV across the US (& sometimes even into Canada!!) and also Internationally.  We travel to dance & we travel just to sight see.  We like to have our friends & family travel with us as we think it is more enjoyable to share the experiences.  Gives us memories to share with friends!  Consequently, we do group travel trips when we can & we advertise them publically to encourage folks to travel with us.  Generally if we get compensation for setting up a group trip, we share the "wealth" with the group!  Here's some of the things we have planned & some things we're considering for the future!  Take a look & consider joining us!  Usually when we

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Other deposit was Dec 2020 for Treking with the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda!!!!  Read about it https://www.oattravel.com/trips/land-adventures/africa/rwanda-mountain-gorillas-in-the-land-of-a-thousand-hills/2019/itineraries?icid=destcmp_rwn_lk Again, I'll set up dates & ask for folks to join us when the dates are released.  Let me know if you are interested! 


Just put down 2 generic deposits with OAT - Apr 2020 for Turkey's Magical Hideaways   Read about it at https://www.oattravel.com/trips/land-adventures/europe/turkeys-magical-hideaways/2019/datesandprices/summary?tripDateCode=TMR&departureDate=04%2F17%2F2019&occupancy=Double&departureCityCode=PHX&directionCode=TMH19PAT02&selectedCabinCode=DBED Will set up dates as soon as available - plan to go after we do Cham!  Let me know if you are interested!


Dec 13, 2019 - Jan 2, 2020 - Lakes District of Patagonia Argentina, ANTARCTICA, & Iguasu Falls


Jun 2, 2019 - Jun 9, 2019 - Carnival cruise from Galveston round trip (mostly to vegetate & see Belize!)


Apr 1 - Apr 20, 2019 - Celebrity Cruise from Singapore to Abu Dhabi


Dec 2020 - Rwanda to see the Gorillas!  with OAT - whaddaya say?  Or up for suggestions!  Get in touch!

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