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For many years, I (Pamela) have been making travelogues when we take our trips.  They are written as emails.  Each of the travelogues have more pictures than words.  Without spending an extrodiant amount of time with editing, I have saved them.  In case you need something to put you to sleep at night or if you are planning a trip to somewhere we've been & want to have an idea about what you might find there, I have posted them all with a little explanation about each trip.

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  • British Adventure - 30 days in England, Scotland & Wales.  First we danced in Germany, then met Anderson's & Brown's in London to travel together in a 9 pax van.  George drove & I acted as the travel guide.  Ending with an International Round Dance in Scotland!  April/May 2009
  • Polynesian Cruise - Danced in Australia & on the way home, we stopped in Tahiti to board a clipper ship & cruise the Polynesian Islands.  Sep 2009
  • Asian Extravaganza - Started at a dance in St Louis, MO & flew directly to Bangkok, Thailand.  Met up with fellow travelers & boarded the Diamond Princess for an Asian cruise.  It dropped us off in Bejing, China & we started an amazing 10 night land tour to visit some of the most sought after Chinese tourist attractions.  Apr/May 2010

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