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At ICBDA #43 in Orlando, FL on Saturday, 13 Jul 2019, we were the honored recipients of the organization's Golden Torch Award.  olympic torch clip art

Thanks Everyone!!!

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For many years, I (Pamela) have been making travelogues when we take our trips.  They are written as emails.  Each of the travelogues have more pictures than words.  Without spending an extrodiant amount of time with editing, I have saved them.  In case you need something to put you to sleep at night or if you are planning a trip to somewhere we've been & want to have an idea about what you might find there, I am trying to get them all posted with a little explanation about each trip.

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  • Africa Again-SA - The first half of a month long trip back to Africa.  We went with Overseas Adventure Tours & I was trip leader for 2 separate groups.  4 couples went on both trips, while 4 different couples went on each of them. 
  • Africa Again-SS - The second half of the 35 night trip back to Africa.  This is the report on the adventures in Kenya & Tanzania (including Masai Mara & Serengeti)
  • African Safari - Trip to Southern Africa in December 2014 with OAT
  • Alaskan Dance Cruise - Week long cruise with Mark & Pam Prow in May 2011
  • Amazon Cruise - Viking Ocean cruise roundtrip from Puerto Rico into the Amazon
  • April in Portugal - Uniworld cruise with 5 nights in Lisbon, then a week on the Douro River in northern Portugal, Apr 2012
  • Asian Extravaganza - Started at a dance in St Louis, MO & flew directly to Bangkok, Thailand.  Met up with fellow travelers & boarded the Diamond Princess for an Asian cruise.  It dropped us off in Bejing, China & we started an amazing 10 night land tour to visit some of the most sought after Chinese tourist attractions.  Apr/May 2010
  • British Adventure - 30 days in England, Scotland & Wales.  First we danced in Germany, then met Anderson's & Brown's in London to travel together in a 9 pax van.  George drove & I acted as the travel guide.  Ending with an International Round Dance in Scotland!  April/May 2009
  • Canadian Cruise - Cruise with Cruise Buddies from Boston to Montreal in Jun/Jul 2012
  • Cuba Revelations - Land tour with Grand Circle Foundation in Dec 2018 - from approximate center (Camaguey) to Northwest corner (Havana)
  • Dubai 2016 - Celebrity cruise from Dubai and on through the Suez Canal to Israel & on through the Mediterranean to Venice in April 2016
  • Eastern European Cruise - Uniworld cruise from Budapest to Bucharest in Apr 2015
  • Holiday Cruise - Caribbean cruise roundtrip from Ft Lauderdale - ending with New Year's Eve in Plant City with Worlocks' in Dec 2013
  • Iceland Cruise - Cruise Buddy adventure round trip from Copenhagen to Norway & across to Iceland in July 2016
  • Japanese Journey - Travel around Japan mostly by train with dance friends in May 2012
  • Mayan Mysteries - All inclusive vacation on the Mayan Riviera, Dec 2012
  • Mediterranean Dream - Holland American cruise with the Cruise Buddies from Venice to Rome through the Greek Island in Jul/Aug 2014
  • Partial Panama Cruise - Princess Cruise from Miami roundtrip through the Caribbean & halfway through the Panama Canal in Dec 2011
  • Patagonian Glacier Tour - OAT tour from Buenos Aires down to the Cape & back up to Santiago & across to Easter Island in Dec 2016
  • Peru & Ecuador Excursion - OAT tour from Machu Pichu to Galapagos in Dec 2015
  • Polynesian Cruise - Danced in Australia & on the way home, we stopped in Tahiti to board a clipper ship & cruise the Polynesian Islands in Sep 2009
  • Russian Rendezvous - OAT cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg with a pre-trip week in Kiev in Sep 2011
  • Scandinavian Adventure - a Triple header adventure - 1) 2 weeks in Sweden teaching 2) Star Princess Baltic Cruise Roundtrip Copenhagen with Cruise Buddies 3) Royal Caribbean cruise round trip Copenhagen on the Norwegian western coast in Jul/Aug 2010
  • Singapore Sensation Cruise - a fabulous cruise starting with 2 nights in Singapore, stopping in Phuket, Thailand; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Kochi, Goa, & Mumbai, India; Muscat, Oman; Dubai, UAE; & ending with 2 nights in Abu Dhabi, UAE in April 2019
  • Swedish Sojourn - 2 weeks of teaching & 2 weeks of Swedish sightseeing with Swedish friends, Jul/Aug 2018

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