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     This is the new 2017/18 Critique form!  Download, fill out & return to us before the end of the season! Critique Form

I only had 23 critiques turned in - but here's the compilation of what we received!  Would love to have more!!!!                 2017-18 Totals

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Mesa Specifics

This is our personal teaching schedule in Mesa (you can download the whole Mesa Brochure by clicking here!)  I've also compiled a map showing some local places to stay.  You can access that by clicking here!

We just finished organizing for our 2018/19 Season Night Out!  Since Greenfield canceled our March 7th Thursday night dance, we decided we should all to out & play together!  This year we decided to give you a choice!  We have 2 things planned for the evening - at 4pm we can meet at Organ Stop Pizza & enjoying the food there while listening to the great Wurlitzer Organ.  It will be no host - so you can come & eat or just come & listen & visit - no cover charge.  Then we have tickets to see Singin' in the Rain at the Hale Theatre.  We have 50 seats reserved at each venue.  Here's the flyer with the registration forms.  Jim & Karen Raymond have agreed to do the paperwork for us this year.  If you want to only attend Organ Stop, please still fill out the form so that we can get a head count to confirm the seats.  if you want to do the Hale, please pay Jim & Karen in advance ($24 per person - No Later Than Feb 21st) for those seats.  Tickets will be passed out the week before the event.

Hope you will join us!!!

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Hurd’s Mesa Schedule:Oct 28, 2018 – Mar 28, 2019

See Monthly calendar for specific dances



Type & Notes


Holiday break Dec 7th – Jan 1st  

Sun (MV or LW)


Phase 3-5
(watch dates & locations)

 Start Oct 28, 2018

Halloween Dance (click for flyer)

Mon (GV)


Ph 6
(9:30 - 10:00 6+)

Start Oct 29, 2018

Teach of Ph 6 dances with some dance practice time

Mon (GV)


Phase 3/4/5

Start Oct 29, 2018
Full teach of 4 or 5 Dance with emphasis on technique

Tues (MV)


Phase 5/6

Start Oct 30, 2018

Full teach of 5/6 Dance

Wed (LW)


Ph 5/6

Start Oct 31, 2018
Teach of 5+ or 6 dance with some dance practice time

Thurs (MV)


Phase 4/5/6

Start Nov 1, 2018
Phase 4/5/6 Basics Clinic with approximately an hour on the selected rhythm
International Tango & Westcoast Swing will be the Focus Rhythms for this Season & we'll also do our You Asked For It session too when time allows

Thurs (GV)


Ph 4/5/6 – 11/1, 11/8, 11/29,
Ph 5/6

Phase 4-6 will Start Nov 1, 2018
Phase 5/6 will Start Nov 15, 2018

Annual Holiday Dance – Thurs – Dec 6th

Make sure to attend our special Holiday Dance!!! 

Prizes, gifts, & a video of the event for all the attendees!!!


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