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Instructional Video Library:




· History:  Dave Sanford began work on the library during the summer of 2012.  After a few months of beta testing, we presented the library to the public in Oct 2012.  The idea is to present full teaches and clinics via the internet to allow dancers and/or teachers that are not in a location where they can easily attend classes to advance their knowledge and skills of our beloved hobby of Round Dancing (or Choreographed Ballroom dancing—whichever name you prefer!)  Access is through Dave Sanford’s website - www.dancerounds.info/ where lots of other information is available to add to your dancing pleasure.   

· Cost:  There is an annual fee of $25 to use this site, payable through the site on PayPal or by credit card—renewal will be on or about Oct 1st of each year. 

· Instructions:  The site is very simple to use and instructions are on the site itself.  There is a test video to try.  This will ensure that you can look at the videos on your internet service, before paying for it.  Password & User name will be provided after payment is received.

· Other Info:   We have full teaches of dances choreographed by us and many other instructors.  Almost everything has been taped & edited by Toni Paul.   There are also several clinics—both full rhythm clinics and specific figures.  You can see what is available before you purchase—you just can’t access the videos without the password.  Additional material will be loaded as it becomes available.

· Questions:  For more information, feel free to contact Pamela at pam@gphurd.com

If you want to down load a pdf with information - Click here

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